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Griffith Veterinary Hospital
Just Some of our Out-Patient Services...
Griffith Veterinary Hospital Services
Just Some of our Surgical Services...
Physical examination
Vaccination (and vaccine titer testing)
Blood work (basic to advanced,  most are available in-hospital while you wait)
Lab work (fecal tests, urinalysis, etc.)
Anal sac expression
Nail trim
X-Ray (w/ Barium series when necessary)
Cold Laser Therapy (also known as Therapeutic Laser)
Reproductive tests and procedures
Ear, eye, skin cytology
Euthanasia (with sedation first)
 At Griffith Veterinary Hospital, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We strive to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge veterinary procedures and products, to help your pet to have as comfortable and healthy a life as possible. Because we care about the health and safety of your pets... our services, especially surgical offerings, can only be done on the appropriate candidates. To find out if your pet is a suitable candidate, and healthy enough to have a procedure, please consult with your veterinarian. As with human medicine, veterinary medicine is not free of risks. We do what we can to minimize risks resulting from procedures, but we ask that you understand the risks associated with any medical procedure. This is also why we rely on you to give us as much information about your pet as possible, including any known allergies that he or she may have. This is also why we require a pre-anesthetic blood profile to be performed prior to sedation and surgery on any pet over the age of seven years (although we recommend it for any pet).

We also try to work by appointment, so that we can offer everyone the highest quality of care. Of course, emergencies do arise, so we ask for your understanding as we see patients in need-based order when applicable.

Spay (for female)
Neuter (for male)
Hernia repair
Hematoma surgery
Tumor/growth removal (and biopsy, if desired)
Laceration repair
Abscess repair
Pyometra surgery
Cessarian section ("C-section")
Cherry-Eye surgery
Entropion surgery
De-claw (cats)
Dew-claw removal (dogs)
Exploratory surgery (for blockages, foreign-objects, etc.)
Ear fush
Anal sac flush
Micro-chip identification implant (can also be done as an out-patient procedure)

                                       WE ARE NOW PROUD TO OFFER...
Advanced thermal imaging! Thermal imaging is a safe way to discover inflammation in your pet's body! Several images will be taken, allowing you to immediately see your pet in a whole new light (from skin to lymph-nodes and so much more...this technology can uncover everything from minor skin irritation to some very serious illnesses).
This type of technology has been used by firefighters for years, and is now a cutting-edge tool used by medical professionals! We couldn't help but get excited about the ways it may help our patients, by expediting their diagnosis and treatment! 
We are now offering two new vaccines for your convenience, as some boarding kennels are now requiring them:
  • Canine Influenza Virus (H3N2)
  • Canine Flu (H3N8)
We would be happy to answer your questions regarding these vaccines and we also have brochures available.