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Griffith Veterinary Hospital Services
At Griffith Veterinary Hospital, we offer a wide assortment of services aimed to prevent, diagnose, and treat our patients. We can prevent, assess, and treat in some very innovative ways; think of us as your pet's family physician! We are not an after-hours emergency facility; however, if a patient of ours experiences an emergency during our normal business hours, we are more than happy to help you (provided we have the staff available to do so at that time). (734) 449-PETS


Pharmacy- We stock our own pharmacy here in the hospital and can often fill your pet's prescription during their exam to help you get on your way faster. You can also call us during our normal business hours to request a prescription refill and we can have it ready and waiting for you to stop by! 

Blood Profiles- Blood tests and profiles can generally be performed right here in our hospital often in under 30 minutes. If you are interested in a Wellness profile to check the overall organ function/generalized health of your pet, please notify us early in your visit (at check-in if possible) and we can often get the test running and the results in your veterinarian's hand during the exam!

Fecal Analysis and Urine Analysis-
We have cutting-edge professional lab equipment IN our hospital designed to help us get the most accurate results for fecals and urines, in a rather short amount of time right here on our premises. Due to the thoroughness of the machines however, we can no longer accept fecals or urines close to closing time. Please allow a minimum of 20 minutes for us to analyze these specimens, and longer if medications need to be prescribed due to any subsequent findings. We strongly recommend that a fecal be performed a minimum of once per year (we advise bringing a sample to your pet's annual visit), not only for your pet's benefit but also to help safeguard your other pets and family members from parasite transmission. Ask your doctor about zoonotic diseases that may be transmissible to humans to learn more.

Genetic testing
Physical examination
Condition/ailment assessment/diagnosis
Microscopic cytology (skin, ear, eye, etc.)
Vaccination (and vaccine titer testing)
Anal sac expression ("anal glands")
Nail trim
X-Ray (w/ Barium series when necessary)
Cold Laser Therapy (also known as Therapeutic Laser)
Thermal Imaging (to visibly discern areas of injury/ailment right on the spot)
Reproductive tests and procedures
Humane Euthanasia (with sedation first)


Routine surgeries are scheduled Monday through Friday and can include things like a spay (OHE) or neuter (OE), for example. We strive to accommodate emergency surgeries as well. Please try to plan ahead when scheduling a routine surgery, as wait times can be impacted by sudden needs such as emergency wound closures, and so on.

Spay (for female)
Neuter (for male)
Hernia repair
Hematoma surgery
Tumor/growth removal (and biopsy, if desired)
Laceration repair
Abscess repair
Pyometra surgery
Cessarian section ("C-section")
Cherry-Eye surgery
Entropion surgery
3rd eyelid flap procedures
De-claw (cats, note: please ensure this will be an indoor only pet prior to a de-claw)
Dew-claw removal (dogs)
Exploratory surgery (for blockages, foreign-objects, etc.)
Ear fush
Anal sac flush
Micro-chip identification implant (can also be done as an out-patient procedure)

Yes! We can get a mobile CT scanner to come here for your pet! It's been a phenomenal help! Call us to inquire if you may be interested.