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Griffith Veterinary Hospital Services
We are not a 24/7 emergency facility. If you have a veterinary medical emergency we recommend seeking care at the closest possible emergency facility. If your emergency occurs during our normal business hours, we would love to help! 

Phone: (734) 449-PETS
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240 Jennings Rd.
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We offer a wide range of veterinary services, from healthy 1st puppy visits to cutting-edge surgical interventions. And yes, we WILL neuter that rabbit that your in-laws gave your child for Easter!

We do as much of our own laboratory work as possible, which means fewer costs and shorter wait time between your pet's blood test and the results we all need in order to form an educated diagnosis and an accurate treatment plan!

Some of our Surgical Services Include:
Spay (for female)
Neuter (for male)
Hernia repair
Hematoma surgery
Tumor/growth removal (and biopsy, if desired)
Laceration repair
Abscess repair
Pyometra surgery
Cessarian section ("C-section")
Cherry-Eye surgery
Entropion surgery
* Declaw (cats) PLEASE NOTE: A declawed cat isn't intended to be an outdoor cat! We rely on our clients to make responsible choices when it comes to declawing a pet. We ALWAYS recommend that cats be indoor pets, due to statistical findings about the reduction in disease as well as the increased longevity of indoor cats when compared to their outdoor counterparts.
Dew-claw removal (dogs)
*Ear-crop PLEASE NOTE: When performed properly, an ear crop can actually reduce the likelihood of medical issues such as hematomas, but they are a very serious decision. Please call us to schedule a consult or to speak with our doctor prior to electing an ear crop procedure. There are very specific age ranges for this procedure, based upon breed and overall health as well.
Exploratory surgery (for blockages, foreign-objects, etc.)
Ear fush
Anal sac flush
Micro-chip identification implant (can also be done as an out-patient procedure)

Some of our Out-Patient Services Include:
Physical examinations (wellness and sick visits)
Vaccinations (and vaccine titer testing)
Blood work (basic to advanced, most are available in-hospital while you wait)
Lab work (fecal tests, urinalysis, etc.)
Anal sac expression
Nail trim
X-Ray (w/ Barium series when necessary)
Cold Laser Therapy (also known as Therapeutic Laser)
Reproductive tests and procedures
Ear, eye, skin cytology
*Humane Euthanasia (with sedation first)

* For euthanasia, please note that you will be asked some decisions, including whether or not you would like to be present for the procedure and how you would prefer to handle the remains. We understand what a terribly difficult time this can be (we've been there!), so we strive to be as flexible as possible with the scheduling of euthanasias. We work with a crematorium that can do group or private cremations (with a "private", the crematorium is run just for your pet and you receive their ashes several days later). We also offer "clay paws" (keepsake paw prints) if you would like one last way to remember your beloved companion. If at all possible, please try to give us as much notice as you can when planning a euthanasia. Unsure whether "it's time"? We can schedule a consult/exam to discuss quality of life and possible treatment options for certain ailments. (734) 449-PETS

Pictured above: "Lady", one of  Dr. Griffith's Grand-Pups...
Pictured above: "Houdini" wrestling with his brother "Ferguson" 8 weeks post-op from a life-saving exploratory surgery...
Pictured above: "Milo", who was abandoned on our front porch several years ago. Happy, healthy and spoiled today!