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There are A LOT of pet care decisions to make these days! Rest assured, we do our homework:

We only stock and recommend products that we would use on our own pets! Commercial ads make everything look GREAT... but we care about the science and research behind a product as well as the risk-to-benefit ratio... rather than how spiffy a commercial is! 

Dr. Griffith has over 40 years of experience as a small animal veterinarian and exceeds the state's continuing education requirements each year... leave the guesswork to something less important than your pet's health!
Are you considering using an online pharmacy for your pet's medications? Remember that some manufacturers ONLY guarantee their product when it's sold through a licensed veterinarian, and because we care about your pets like we care about our own... we'd rather match their price than have you purchase medication from an uncertain source. Things like storage temperature matter when it comes to a product's effectiveness, so be sure to do your research! We're here Monday-Saturday and would love to answer any questions you may have about ANY of our products in order to simplify your decisions!

Did you know...

Our hospital has been recognized for having a lower than average incidence of Heartworm Disease! Why? Because we are BIG believers that it's better to PREVENT vs. TREAT a disease! Which is why we recommend year-around Heartworm prevention and annual Heartworm tests. Not only can it be more cost-effective to prevent a disease, it's also safer for your pet!

Did you know...

Many people see fleas even after treating their pet with a topical medication! Why? Fleas have a rather sophisticated life cycle! If you don't treat ALL of the pets in your home for at least 3 months, it's VERY difficult to actually resolve the problem. From eggs to larvae and more, ask any of our staff members for more flea information (including the Frontline Guarantee!).